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Welcome to the most specialized aluminum profile production industry.
At SANLEV SA we actively participate in the design and production of each individual aluminum profile that you want made, and we strive to turn your need into innovative products.
Our expertise, modern technology and specialized design department are at your disposal, because at SANLEV our only priority is to fully meet your needs.
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The design of an aluminum profile or of an aluminum profile system which may or may not be combined with other materials is a specialized activity which takes into consideration a series of parameters, the maximization of which many times conflicts with the others.
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SANLEV SA, giving top priority to the quality of the end product, the flawless powder coated surface of the profiles, strong adhesion, durability but also to the protection of the environment, has invested in the development of one of the most technologically advanced powder coating plants in Europe.
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The aluminum profiles we produce can be offered anodized. The offered anodizing quality is high while giving you the choice to select the colour and thickness of the anodizing. Particular care is placed on the packaging so as to avoid damage to the profiles. In the anodizing, just like in the powder coating, the final aluminum profiles can be accompanied by the corresponding certificates of quality.
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The aluminum profiles offered by SANLEV SA, having the CE mark, may depending on the customer`s need be further processed and delivered in any form requested, so as to fully meet the specific requested specifications: such as cutting to custom lengths, opening of holes, special processing to cover particular packaging needs etc.
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Using our computing applications you can easily find the weight per meter of a cross section of aluminum, steel or any other material, entering its density in the appropriate cell. See all calculations
SANLEV SA manufactures aluminum profiles of the series 6000, but depending on the demand and arrangements with the customer profiles from other alloys can also be manufactured.

SANLEV SA has more than 400 colour codes in addition to the GLOSSY colours in the picture. It covers a wide range of special and mat shades that meet any particular demand.

SANLEV SA manufactures aluminum profiles of the series 6000 as well as other series depending on the demand. The mechanical tolerances of the alloys used are illustrated in the table.

TZITZILI | 193 00
TEL.: 210-55.78.278-9, & 210-55.72.208-9
Email: info@sanlev.gr

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