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Aluminium as a part of our everyday life

Aluminium as a part of our everyday life
Aluminium can be found everywhere. Being such a lightweight, recyclable and highly versatile material, it can be applied in endless areas playing an important role in our everyday life!
Endless possibilities with aluminium
It's impossible to mention all of aluminum's applications in our daily lives. Buildings, boats, planes, and cars, as well as household appliances, packaging, computers, cellphones, and food and beverage containers, all benefit from the better design, sustainability, corrosion resistance, and lightweight strength of aluminum.
One thing is certain: When it comes to inventing ever-better manufacturing methods and new solutions, we will be in the driver's seat.
Aluminium in buildings
Buildings account for 40% of global energy demand, therefore there is a lot of room for energy savings. Using aluminum as a building material is an important way to create structures that don't just save energy, but also generate it.
Aluminium in transportation
Another form of energy consumption is transportation, which accounts for about 20% of global energy demand. Planes, trains, boats, and vehicles account for around 20% of global energy demand. The weight of a vehicle is an important component in its energy consumption. When compared to steel, aluminium may cut a vehicle's weight by 40% while maintaining its strength.
Aluminium in packaging
Food production accounts for roughly 20% of all man-made greenhouse gas emissions. When you consider that one-third of all food in Europe is wasted, it's evident that effective food and beverage preservation, such as through the use of aluminum, is critical to creating a more sustainable world.
As you can see, aluminum is the material of the future, with its nearly limitless applications.