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Profile Design

The design of an aluminum profile or of an aluminum profile system which may or may not be combined with other materials is a specialized activity which takes into consideration a series of parameters which can often be conflicting.
We have established specific and innovative design procedures in order to offer our loyal customers greater value for:
  •  The suitability of the profile (size, ease of assembly, minimization, weight, alloy, need for more profiles etc, and to determine whether the profile is suitable and fits the need it covers each time.)
  •  Credibility (reliability) of the profile: (profiles that do not have significant deficiencies in production allow for reliable deliveries and durable quality.)
  •  Cumulative production: the production of as many tons as possible per profile is proof of the integrity of the design and leads to a greater need for further improvement
  •  Reducing the final production cost: as we are always interested in the final cost of the product, we ensure that the profile we manufacture is designed to help reduce this cost.