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Design Process


The Need

Having in mind the initial need and concept for a specific profile.

What is needed to get the job done.

The reason this profile is essential and necessary. How can the profile ideally serve its purpose. What are the necessary requirements to ensure that it can ultimately do its job. What can be done, in any case, to improve it. Create a list of functions that the specific profile must have.


The Idea

Improve the initial concept.

Functional, with an aesthetically pleasing result and productive profile.

Develop many different solutions. The more the possible solutions, the better the final selection. Research other factors such as aesthetics, production, other financial and environmental factors. Work with us to make your profile productive and cost effective. Select the alloy, size and width.



Assess the solution.

Research for maximization.

Express the properties of your selection in a way so as to suggest the direction of improvements such as: low price, easy assembly, easy maintenance etc. Use a relative scale to evaluate the solution as adequate, average, acceptable, good. We can help you with this with the use of tools such as simulation so as to finalize your end product.


The Matrix

Order the mold (cast) and check the first sample of the profile.

Perform the final total inspection of the profile before production.

The hour of judgment. Perform a thorough inspection of the profile sample. Make sure everything is as you expected. At this stage only small changes can be made to the profile.


The Profile

Make the final order of the profile.

The design process has been completed until further improvements.

Enjoy your creation! You can be certain that your profile functions the way you wanted. Now you can always improve it, make it better and more effective. If the result of this procedure is a truly better profile, then it is worth making a new mold for this upgraded profile.