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Powder Coating

SANLEV SA focuses on the quality of the final product, the flawless powder coated surface of the profiles, strong adhesion and durability. Paying special attention to the protection of the environment, we have invested in the development of one of the most technologically advanced chrome-free powder coating plants in Europe.

The SANLEV SA powder coating plant was developed to meet the requirements of the market for architectural and custom-made profiles for integrated and quality patented solutions.
The plant uses the latest available technology, accompanied by the required expertise and appropriate technical support. It also has a full range of GLOSSY, MAT & SPECIAL shades, ensuring a superior quality product, consistency and effective delivery schedules.

SANLEV SA has the following certification:
  • ISO 9001: 2015 for the quality system
  • ISO14001:2015 for the environment management system
  • The quality sign of the latest SEASIDE CLASS of Qualicoat, which is the highest quality mark for the protection of powder coated profiles in seaside environments