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10+1 Cool facts about Aluminium!


Aluminum (Al) is a soft but durable metal, silver in color, with 13 protons in its core and covers about 8% of the earth.

∙ It is considered the most abundant mineral on the planet after oxygen.
∙ It’s the most used metal globally that does not contain iron.
∙ It's mostly used as an alloy, even if its content is as high as 99%.
∙ Aluminium salts do not serve any known purpose in plant or animal life. It is, however, not highly toxic to living organisms.
∙ Aluminium reflects about 98% of infrared rays and 92% of visible light. ∙Density and stiffness are 1/3 of steel’s.
∙ Only two isotopes of aluminium are found in nature, although there are much more recognized.
∙The ores that contain aluminium have a very high melting point, making extraction difficult.
∙Aluminium is fully recyclable.
∙Recycling aluminium requires only 5% of the energy required to extract it.